Thursday, March 19, 2020


Hi. So, anyone who's reading this, I have an announcement....
I won't be doing this consistently anymore. I just don't enjoy taking pictures, and making up stories to go along with them. Honestly, I never did. I just wanted to do something with my dolls, and, well, so many of you have a doll blog.
Anyway, I've been more into Schleich than dolls.
It's not goodbye forever, or even goodbye. It's just......I won't be posting very much. If I do decide to give it up completely it won't be surprising.
So....that's all, I guess.

Friday, January 31, 2020

When Oralie Has Her Foal

New Video

Hey. So my computer is giving me trouble and won't let me upload things [hopefully that'll be fixed tomorrow]. Anyway, there's a new Schleich video.

Friday, January 17, 2020


Hi.'s been over a week since I posted. Part of it is because I've been busy. The other part is because the weather has been gray and cloudy and VERY snowy and hard to film videos.
Also, there will be some slight changes to this blog.
No, I haven't lost interest in dolls, no I don't plan to stop blogging.
There's just going to be an addition to this blog.......

Schleich Horses!
Some days I may post about dolls, and others about Schleich.
There will be a 'Meet the Schleich Horses' page, and a page about Sunrise Creek Herd.
Bye for now [also, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow so fingers crossed that I can film the next part of my video series].